Lift Your Voice

Woman singing while listening to headphones.

Many people have a lot of difficulty getting up in front of people to sing publicly. Either stage fright sets in, or they think they can't sing. The first problem can be dealt with, the second problem is not really a problem at all. I've never met anyone who was legitimately tone deaf. That is just an illusion that people have. Anybody can learn to sing, and sing in front of people. All you need is some instruction, a little practice, and some crazy confidence. Be ready to do some crazy things as you prepare to raise your voice and learn to sing.

Learn to Project

Woman wearing headphones, singing with mouth wide open.

There are two aspects to good singing. The first is good tone and pitch; the second is proper projection. You want to be able to project for the appropriate environment. Projection means reaching the people in the back row seats, but also being able to blend with others if you are singing in a group. It means singing from your gut and not from your throat (and if that sounds confusing I'll explain on the Projection page). Projection basically means having control of the volume and capacity of your voice. It's almost as important as singing on key, because if you can't help people hear you, what's the point of singing.

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Be on Key

Man singing into microphone.

One of the first steps you will have to take is learning your tone and how to stay on key. This can be difficult for some because they think they are tone deaf. If this is you, realize that this isn't true. No one is tone deaf. There are only people who are out of practice trying to sing on key. This is the most important thing you can do: practice. Without practice, nothing will happen. Get a piano and start playing the keys. Sing along with each key until you can hear a difference compared to how you were before. There are many other things you can try as well.

Presentation is Important

Woman's mouth singing into olden-day style microphone.

In any kind of vocal performance, the key word is "perform." Just as important as pitch and projection is presentation. Together they make up what I call the three P's of vocal performance. Presentation includes things like diction, pronunciation, and facial features. However, it can also include things like choreography, body language, and other things. Presentation can make all the difference when you are singing. Even if you are a really good singer, the performance can fall flat if your presentation is boring or uninviting. If you can dazzle an audience, you can get them to forgive any other flaws you might have in the performance.